About Danielle

Chief Executive Officer - Rockstar Fairy Queen

The Minion Queen is my online persona that took a life of her own about 6 years ago. It started as a joke in the IT online world and that joke turned into 9 tiaras and crowns sent to me by people in the IT world, as well as becoming a powerful way to market the businesses I work with and my own. I now own an IT Social Media Marketing business, an IT Hardware/Software Sales Business, Online Community Forum Management Company and my accidental passion business The Minion Queen. The Minion Queen is a Fairy Training, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Social Media Strategy & Management business. My super favorite part is teaching women to be The Online Fairy that I know is within instead of the troll they fear they are.

Rise strong. Become limitless. Be Boss Girl.

About Ashley

Chief Girl Boss Officer

I started as an entrepreneur back in 2016 as simply a WordPress designer with my company Blank Slate Media Consulting. Since then, I have grown to become my own brand, Ashley K DeLuca.

I work with creative female entrepreuers who struggle with their digital marketing strategy and would like to rise into their fullest potential online.

I’m a little different from other consultants because I provide actionable strategies and because of this, my clients receive the step-by-step attention they need to be successful.

I am also in love with coffee, basset hounds, and cheese.