Pixie Kit

Simplify your Social Media Today! 

You are one click away from Pain-Free and Consistent Social Media Content! 

Free Resources

$1000 in value for FREE when you sign up:

  • Facebook Ebook ($100 value)
  • LinkedIn Ebook ($200 value)
  • Instagram Ebook ($100 value)
  • 100 Social Media Quote Graphics ($250 value)
  • Tips of the day to your inbox every day ($350 value)

The Pixie Kit Includes:

  • 20 Content Prompts each month ($250 value) 
  • Best Converting Hashtags ($50 value) 
  • Types of posts that are getting the best interaction ($247 value) 
  • Social Media Holiday Calendar ($100 value) 
  • Detailed explanation of the algorithms each month ($250 value) 
  • Lifetime access to all past Pixie Kits (additional $19.97/month value) 

Danielle is Your Social Media Fairy Godmother!

Danielle has over 25 years of experience in marketing in the Small Business World and has been on the cutting edge of social media before it really existed!

Each month she is creating a strategy for posts, showing off some great hashtags, how to overcome the changes to the algorithm and even some types of content that are working great for her personal clients right now. All without having to pay her $500/hour! Her dedication to understanding not just the content for social media but the tech behind it is what brings you all you need! With a heavy focus on Algorithms, the math behind good content and the marketing behind an amazing customer journey the Pixie Kit will bring you all she does to her personal clients.




So excited to be working w Danielle once again!! She rocks the social media world!! Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she tailors to one’s specific needs & is easy to work with! Love supporting fellow woman-owned businesses!!

Vicky A

Owner, Aguilar Tax Services

Don’t do it all on your own! 

As a business owner trying to do it all and learn it all. you have taken everyones advice and started trying to do your own marketing and social media, but you have been left on your own to figure out exactly what that means. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE!!  We are here to make your job easier and your social media amazing without all the effort. 


You know you have to get your business out there.  You know you have to create amazing content, write blogs, chat on social media, podcast and maybe even youtube.  But how does a single business owner do it all? 

That’s easy we make the social media part easy for you!  

This is for you if:  

*You don’t have much time…. 

*You have absolutely NO CLUE what to write about each day

*You know you NEED qualified leads for your business but no idea how to get their attention  with your social media. 




You know that annoying voice inside your head screaming,
“What type of content should I create? How do I get my ideal client’s attention? What hashtags should I use? Hell, what are hashtags? Who should I be following? What’s this algorithm thing?”
Usually, this is where people give up and never start or continue creating content. It’s a fairy shame! 
But you don’t have to stop now because we are here to tell you that you are one magical click away from making your social media marketing pain free and consistent each month.
It’s simple, every month you can log in to the member area of our website and download your Pixie Kit which contains over $1,600 worth of examples, ideas, and education to help you create your own incredible content each month. Just in time to get it done in one batch, making your social media marketing profitable, easy, and stress-free without the price tag of a marketing agency.
A little bit of Pixie Dust each month so you can create content without the stress.
If You don’t have much time, have absolutely no clue about what content to create and know your business needs to grow and get qualified leads.
Than this is for you!
For a fairy limited time, you can receive your Pixie Kit for $19.97 a month.

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