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Be Boss Girl offers brand strategy, social media, content creation, ghost writing, email marketing, sales funnel design and content in a small intimate agency setting.

I have worked hard and have put together an exceptional team with combined experience of over 25-years of in the corporate world, having won countless awards in all of our respective industries. We bring all of that experience to the small business marketplace. Everything we do supports you with intensive growth-focused strategies, so that you get everything you need to grow and market your business with both visibility and profits working hand in hand.


We create solid profit driving strategies

Qualified Specialists

The implementation team at Be Boss Girl is made up of talented women with a range of skills that I have the pleasure of mentoring and working with in my own business. When you work with us, you work with women who understand marketing, business strategy and branding because they are entrepreneurs and have made it their mission to create profits and success for your business because it is THEIR BUSINESS!

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Individual Approach

While we offer subscription based services, every client gets a custom package that will fit the needs of your business so that potential clients see you as a strong cohesive brand and business. There are no poke and hope strategies here.

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Customer Journey

We believe every customer should be taken on a journey of your story. We bring your strengths and zone of genius to your potential clients so that they can’t help but engage with you and feel that you are THE ONE they need.

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Profit Driven Growth

Profit growth strategies are what we base everything we do for you on. Our goal is to increase your visibility and profits at the same time. After all, what’s the point of marketing if it is not driving new customers to your door? Every plan and step is about increasing your profit and the sustainability of your business.

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