Fierce Women Empowering Fierce Women

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Girls compete with each other; women empower one another.

Our most lasting and fulfilling achievements are often earned by helping others fulfill theirs. Most of us see the world as one giant ball of competition. In their minds there are winners and then there are the losers. This is a faulty mindset. There are plenty of fish in the giant sea!

Everyone wants to belong and its human nature to want to belong to a group of like-minded people. You’ve heard the phrase: “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.” But what does it mean? Your tribe should accept you for who you are. They will be your support system, your cheerleading squad, and will provide you with a sense of community.

In order to find the fierce women who will help empower you, just be yourself. Continue to do the things you love to do. If you are pretending to be someone you are not, your tribe will sniff you out! It’s not about how many friends you have either, or how many connections you have on Facebook: social connection and empowerment is about the feeling of connectedness. It’s quality of quantity.

Ways to help support each other in our journey to becoming the Rockstar Fairy Queen’s we are;

  • Be a role model. Stand by one another and help conquer the obstacles in our Kingdoms.
  • Complement each other often. Let her know when she is looking fierce!
  • Thinking happy thoughts will make a significant difference. Positivity is always the key.
  • Share your story because life sucks and we don’t have to be alone.
  • Support other small business owners whenever possible.
  • Celebrate your own victories publicly (including the disasters).
  • Shut your mouth and listen. Sometimes we need to be quite to truly hear what others need from us.
  • Meet face-to-face whenever possible.
  • If you admire someone let them know, tell them why you love them.
  • Because queens uplift other queens. Enough said.
  • Fierce lady friendships are some of the best relationships in life.
  • Be 100% happy for other women’s successes instead of being jealous or bitter.
  • Encourage other women to succeed.
  • Stand with each other, not against each other. Otherwise, we’d be fighting the wrong battle.
  • Beautiful minds inspire others.
  • Be kind, always.
  • A queen always helps adjust another Queens crown. Image if each person encourages one another, gives a helping hand when needed and binds together to form a massive Kingdom of Rockstar’s who are Queens of their own realms and are sprinkling their fairy dust everywhere. We could take over the world!

When you find the women who inspire, challenge and push you to be your best, it can be just the therapy you need in work and life. And, best of all, it can even be glorious fun!

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