How to avoid the top 3 landing pages mistakes

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Let’s be real here. My biggest goal is to help you not make the same mistakes that I have done in the past. 


If I can help you be successful for me sharing my mistakes, that makes it all worth it. (Usually, right?!)


These are all easy mistakes to make…but easy to fix as well, my friend. 

These could easily be impacting the performance of your landing page too. Take a look and let me know what you think!


1. Not having a clear call to action 
It’s a real thing. You can have the best offer in the entire world, but if you do not actually ASK them to take the next step…most people will not. You need to help them make that move by making it super duper clear what you want them to do next. 

It’s the only way they will do it. 

2. Not being clear about features + benefits
This is something we often times forget. We put in the pretty pictures…we add the fluffy copy…but we forget to mention the actual features and benefits. 

Here’s the difference:
Features = facts about the offer
Benefits = a result of the feature 

And on your landing page, you need to make it perfectly clear what they are. You can never assume someone knows what they are. Spell it out to them. 

3. Not being mobile optimized. 
You can have the best landing page ever. Copy. Images. A call to action that is on point. 

BUTTTT if it not mobile optimized, it means nothing. 

You have to have a landing page that is optimized to be viewed on mobile these days. End of story.




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