How to Create a Mission Statement

A mission statement articulates what the company does and why in an easy to digest way. It announces the purpose of why that company exists in a way that unifies each component of the business.   It touches on everything that is important to the organization in about 1-2 sentences.   For you, the business owner, it also serves as a really great elevator pitch when you are explaining to someone who you are and what you do.   Here is how you can write a mission statement yourself.  
  1. Core Values
  What are your company’s core values? You want to include those in everything you do, especially your mission statement.  
  1. What do you do?
  Nothing fancy here. Literally just saw what you produce or provide.  
  1. How do you do it?
  This is where your core values come back into play. Use them to describe how your company generally operates. For example: provide superior service.  
  1. Why do you do it?
  What is the passion behind what you do. What made you want to provide the product or service that you offer. Not the personal reasons (“I want to stay home with my kids”) but the reason you chose your field (To support other small business owners by helping them gain more time back into their days).   Now that you have your mission statement, put it to work! Place it in your email signatures, on your website and your social media. Use it everywhere so that it becomes what you are known for!  

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