Where to Find Clients for Your Online Business

When starting a VA business, most get lost on where to look for clients.   There are actually a few places you can get started on that are free! Some you can actually use to start your lead generation on autopilot, which is even better.  
  1. Facebook
  Business groups and communities around software are some of the best places to find clients. Create a presence there and watch the clients roll in!  
  1. LinkedIn
  This is another great social platform but will take a little longer.  
  1. Pinterest
  Using this in combination with your blog is a fantastic way to do lead generation on auto-pilot. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, so use this to your advantage to grow your list.  
  1. Upwork
  While this is no longer a free platform, it’s one of the best Freelance job boards out there.   This can seem massively overwhelming when you’re first starting out so choose just one to focus on. Once you get the hang of it, add another! Automate where you can and work on getting your name out there by adding as much value as you reasonably can.

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