What is a Welcome Packet and Why Your On-Boarding Process Needs One

There is a small detail in your on-boarding process that can make a huge difference in how smooth it goes. Your welcome packet.  
  • What’s is it
The Welcome Packet is a 2-3 page document that restates important details and expectations that were in the contract in a more digestible way. This is also where you can list your office hours and preferred contact information.
  • Why you need one
This is a great way to begin to orient your new client to what it will look like working with you. This also gives them something to reference any time they have any basic questions.   Having a welcome packet can elevate the client experience and your on-boarding process. Think of this like the orientation folder you receive when you open a new bank account. It just makes things easier and gently reinforces expectations which will help make your time working together much smoother.

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