About Danielle

Chief Executive Officer – Rockstar Fairy Queen

Who I Am

I am a Business and Social Marketing Strategist. Time Management and Planning Queen and Fairy Trainer. An ex-missionary, big sister to 3 others (all much younger than me), Wife to a drummer & guitarist (one guy I promise), Rockstar Singer (ok well that might be pushing it, but I do sing in a bar band), Mom to a 20 year old and puppy mom too!!

I am living proof you can do and have it all. It’s hard work, it takes time and my Mindset has to be ABOVE THE CLOUDS most every day. But that is a Habit and a Love of mine to always be the one who can see where I need to go and make it happen. It takes lots of time and effort but I see, I go, I conquer. Rockstar Fairy Queen’s can take over the world!


My Biggest Goal

I am a manager and strategist with a skillset as unique as you are. My ultimate goal as a business, marketing, social media, and branding strategist, is to be your guide and give you all the critical skills you need to empower your business. 

You Should Expect

As a small business owner, there are many pieces that you have to keep track of.  Only you know exactly what you want for your business, but sometimes you need expert input to help you gain clarity and reach your goals.

In our journey together, you will gain both the clarity, strength, and courage you need to reach your goals and build your kingdom.