If you need one-on-one help with your business or time management strategies, we are here to help! We also provide a leave your 9-5 program to help you become your own boss.


Let’s Plan your Plan. To better evaluate your Plan. To better prioritize your Plan so that you have a well Planned Plan!

  • Initial organization and consultation: $500
  • Ongoing planning and prioritization: $150/hour


I will work with you to take your ideas, goals and dreams for your business, create viable plans, execute them strategically and ultimately turn those ideas into reality.

With over 15 years of experience I know when you are able to do it on your own and will push you to get things done and keep you on track while doing them.

In other words, it’s my responsibility as your business strategist to advocate the best course of action to achieve the desired business goals.


  • $250/HOUR 
  • $1,400 FOR 6 ONE-HOUR SESSIONS (payment plans not available) 
  • $3,500 FOR 15 ONE-HOUR SESSIONS (payment plans not available)