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Qualified Specialists

The implementation team at Be Boss Girl is made up of talented women with a range of skills that I have the pleasure of mentoring and working with in my own business. When you work with us, you work with women who understand marketing, business strategy and branding because they are entrepreneurs and have made it their mission to create profits and success for your business because it is THEIR BUSINESS!

A Small Luxury Skincare Brand came to Be Boss Girl needing to increase their sales and brand recognition. They had been placed to win awards but had yet to be able to capitalize on that and increase their overall sales.

What clients say

As a small Indie Beauty Brand narrowing down the ideal client avatar was the first step that had to happen. The brand was over 5 years old and had yet to pierce through to a widely recognized go to brand for high luxury buyers. A new Marketing and Brand strategy was needed to find the true ideal client avatar and increase overall recognition and potential buyers.

  • Instagram: 2500 Followers 25-50 likes per post before new strategy started
  • FaceBook: 1500 Followers no engagement before new strategy started
  • Client had to date only about $5,000 in sales a month
  • Client initially didn’t truly understand their key audience needs and pain points
  • Client didn’t understand the need to consistency and social media strategy for the success of their business

Improve Brand Message:

The brand message was trying to speak to luxury skincare buyers but was missing the mark. They were also not posting properly on multiple platforms.

Improve Visual Brand:

The visual brand was while very pretty not connecting with their current ideal client avatar. An overall brand strategy was needed for every aspect of their business.


A full Marketing and Brand Strategy Audit and Recreation was needed as well as a overall profit strategy.

Brand Strategy was the first step in this long process. Once we nailed down their true ideal client avatar we were then able to create a market strategy and interact with their ideal audience to then create their new branding visual and written content and drive sales to the correct ideal clients.
Services Used:

  • Market and Key Word Research
  • Website Update/re-build and SEO Optimization
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Blog Post Strategy
  • Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Youtube Strategy
  • 75% increase in impressions after 30 days
  • 125% increase in engagement after 30 days
  • 25% Increase in clients in 45 days
  • 40% increase in sales after 30 days
  • Direct contact income revenue increase of 60%