How to Create Your Service Offerings

You’ve created your business, have your logo and your website is up but now what?   How do you package your offerings up in a way that helps you stand out?

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It’s really simple, you get specific! Below are questions you can ask yourself to help you niche down what you offer and how you offer them.

  1. What do you do specifically?

Think beyond just “email marketing” or “calendar management”. Those are really broad terms and could mean multiple different things. Be really specific here.

  1. How do you do it?

This doesn’t mean “efficiently” or “well” We would assume you do your job very well. Instead, what tools do you use to deliver the service? “I do x through using x”.   Keeping these questions in mind tells a potential client what you can do and how. It will help them to qualify you immediately out of the crowd as opposed to asking multiple questions to find out. It’s like you’re in their head!  And that’s what we want them to think when considering working with you.

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