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Providing exceptional and useful info to your potential clients is vital in getting and keeping your social media following. Making bite-size content is a smart way to reach these objectives. Visuals bring traffic to more significant pieces of content, while having smaller content for the content schedule as well. In this article, you will learn simple and easy ways of making bite-size content.

What is Bite-Size Content?

Bite-size content refers to the informational content that is easy and quickly digestible. Your followers spend less time watching or reading it, that makes it perfect for producing visual content for social media platforms. Making bite-size content can also assist you in remaining consistent in posting frequency. These pieces can be utilized to:

  • Strengthen your business voice
  • Drive traffic back to more significant parts of the content
  • Promote offline and online initiatives
  • Delight and surprise your audience
  • Develop a deeper rapport with your followers/readers

Now that you know that bite-size content is, let’s move on to how you can make bite-size content.


Readers always find quotes irresistible, especially relatable quotes. Quotes can strengthen your company voice. One effective way to use quotes is to feature proverbs from business leaders, influencers, or company’s CEO. Get quotes from renowned speakers and place them on top of their picture to endorse your event. You can also take quotes from larger pieces of content like white papers, articles, and blog posts. There are lots of free web tools and phone apps to help you make quote visuals. Just choose your favorite.


Infographics allow you compress lots of details into a single piece of visual content. They need more planning and time, however they are easy to share. This is a smart way to draw traffic to a bigger piece. Depending on the industry you are in, visualizing facts can assist drive ideas home for your readers. If the main content piece is a blog with a bigger infographic, think of just sharing a part of the main infographic.


Live videos are very popular nowadays. Get out there and show your followers some behind the scenes action or tease future events on your Facebook or Instagram Stories. You can also get a question and answer session going on FB live. 

Tease Future Campaigns

Teasing more significant future events or campaigns is a smart way to utilize bite-size content. Give your followers a sample of what’s to come. Like for instance, if you’re launching a new product, share one future item or a close up picture. Get your followers excited about what’s coming next.


Bit size content is a smart way to stay consistent, provide value to followers, and enlarge the online footprint of your company. Think of how your followers see you. Think about what value your bite-size content is adding to them. Concentrate on making great visuals. It doesn’t matter if it is an uplifting quote, industry fact, or live videos, bite-sized content can help you build and represent your business voice, while connecting with your core audience at the same time.

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