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Understanding which social media metrics require to be monitored to obtain your goal is vital to maximizing social media analytics. That is often hard without insight into which social media metrics matter since there are many out there. It can be so easy for you to get overwhelmed by this, which does not showcase real results. For a newbie, you don’t have to worry.

There are hundreds of social media metrics at your fingertips. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by this or focus on vanity metrics, which don’t showcase any real results. This article will give you an insight into the social media metrics that can show how you are meeting your online marketing goals.

What Is Exactly a Social Media Metric?

A social media metric helps you assess the value of your marketing efforts. The stats and data the social media platforms provide aren’t just indicative of your performance on social media but the overall performance of your marketing goals. Some of these metrics are universal. However, it is vital to be aware of the way diverse networks define and measure this content.

Impressions: This metric is vital for driving awareness of your brand or business. If you want to increase your business awareness as well as boost sales, it is critical to assess your impression on the social media platform. The social media technique must integrate as well as complement your marketing objectives.

Impressions are an essential metric in public relations. Marketing and public relation experts can measure the effectiveness of the content you publicize. The impression is the total number of time your content has been read and viewed.

 Click-Through Rate (CTR)

If you are marketing online, it is vital to measure your CTR. Click-Through Rate is the percentage of users who get on your advertisement to the number of users who see your advertisement. This metric is commonly utilized to know the success of your ad online. Also, CTR is a good pointer of how relevant your advertisements are to your audience. 

 Micro Conversions

Once you measure the progress of your campaign, you will already be monitoring your macro-conversions, which are typically significant objectives like sales. Micro conversions are smaller steps on the way to the main conversion goal. Micro-conversions include reading web pages or watching webinars. 

Landing Page Views

Using Facebook advertisements, marketers can now optimize for landing page views. 

Perhaps you are thinking about how that varies from a click to your site. Well, “landing page views” calculate the traffic which wants to go to your site. Through optimizing your advertisements as well as measuring the landing page views, you’re improving the superiority of your web traffic.


As mentioned, social media plays a vital role in marketing your business.  Measuring the social media metrics mentioned can assist you in making data-informed tactical decisions which will optimize your advertising and boost your bottom line. Also, you have to think of how you can set this data off with thorough social media analytics.

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